Monday, September 19, 2011

Glitter & Bling

As a Coordinator, I've seen a LOT of FIUY when a Bride tries to DIY. That's why I usually recommend that brides leave the decorating to professional's, but I just HAD to try my hand at Koyal Wholesales Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon Rolls.  With the supplies Koyal Wholesale carries, any bride who has the talent to DIY, can pull off a stunning decor with the smallest effort. And for bride's who don't have the ability to pull off an entire DIY Wedding, you can easily take one small element to give your ceremony or reception a personal touch. 
When these came in for us to review, we had all sorts of idea's on how to use them, but we had to choose only one, so we went with the one that is gaining in popularity with so many brides. The CANDY BUFFET. Of course, since this was just for a review, We didn't go out and buy a bunch of candy to fill the jars, even though we REALLY wanted to. 

We started by cutting the ribbon into the length's and widths needed to fit our Containers, then used tiny glue dots to secure it, but still allow us to remove the Wrap later and re-use the glass. We found the Black Ribbon the easiest to work with, as it was more supple, being that it was made of a soft nylon type of fabric, whereas the Gold and Silver were made with a sturdier fabric we were unable to identify. 
The stiffer fabric of the Gold and Silver however came in handy when we created the short "candle-holder's" to strategically place amongst the Candy Jars. Please note that we did use real candles for this review, as we had them on hand, but we suggest instead opting for the much safer electric or battery operated candles, which flicker just like the real thing. By making some of the holder's out of the ribbon, instead of wrapping it around glass, we found the light flickers through more enjoyably. We also found as we began to attach the ribbon to the glass, that if we were short, it was easy to cut a section from our surplus ends and pieces, and fit it into the gap, with no noticeable lines, much different from using everyday cloth ribbon, where you'd have to cut a whole new piece... 

In the end, we had to give this Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon Roll from Koyal Wholesale a 2 Thumbs up for ease of use, range of use, and overall Fun to use!

Bon Apetit! 

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