Monday, April 12, 2010


Today I start this journey into the realm of blogging my life. It is a new journey for me, not something I have ever before embarked upon. I write, of course, but never have I made my daily life, my thoughts and feelings so public. So we shall see how this goes for me.

I will try to write in the evenings about the day that has happened, or in the mornings about the previous day, those are good times for me. As a starting point, I have several weddings currently on my books, with one who just paid her deposit, thus cementing her wedding date onto my planner.

This is a new venture for me, business-wise. I have been doing weddings for many years, I certainly don't fib about that, but as an income producing venture, I am still learning. I started my company in Sept. 2009. When I moved into this house. I do everything from here, meet clients, write my ceremonies, everything. I love it though.

10 Years ago, in order to graduate High School, I had to produce a Senior Project. If you are my age, or have a High School Senior now, you know what I'm talking about. A horrible, lengthy project that you spend HOURS doing, researching, creating. I Planned my wedding. It seemed the thing to do then. I was expecting to marry right after graduation, so it had to be done anyway. I tried on dresses, I interviewed vendors, I took lots of pictures. My wedding never materialized the way I planned it, no money, but I loved the thrill and romance of the planning.

I soon divorced, and remarried, and did it all again. Then another Divorce. Sigh. Can't I get this right? I handled my sisters wedding, my mothers third wedding, my mothers friends who all got married, my friends, my sisters friends. All beautiful weddings, that I put together. Free. Never thought about charging for my tireless efforts. The best way to explain it is to just have you watch the movie "27 Dresses". I may not have been the bridesmaid, but thats the work I sure did! Then I got pregnant. AGAIN. I made the choice to find him a set of adopted parents. I was done with babies. I already had 2 that I had gotten out of diapers and were beginning to be able to take care of themselves mostly. The couple I located were from New Jersey. He was a computer guy, She was a Florist and Wedding Planner. She found out about my Ordination, and convinced me that I should start using it.

So I did. I did some research, and made my plans. After I recuperated from James' birth, I began my business. I made a website, that I can maintain myself, ordered business cards, and opened accounts on all the wedding websites, like wedding wire. I asked old friends and family to rate the work I did on their weddings over the last 10 years, and to give me reviews. I started booking weddings. It's still slow booking, but I keep busy, with my position as the Executive VP of the PTA, my volunteer work at Ramona Bowl, home of the California Official Outdoor Play, Taking care of my family, and planning my third wedding (My own that is). This one I am going to do RIGHT. I'm saving for a big budget. I want all the family there. I want to wear a beautiful white dress, the whole nine yards. We will celebrate 8 years this April, and I plan on having the wedding in 2 more years, on our 10th year Anniversary.

So thats a good start, don't you think? I welcome any thoughts, comments, or questions. Until Tomorrow...

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