Friday, April 16, 2010

Ramona! Opening Weekend

So I promised to write everyday. I guess you can see how well that turned out. Life is sooooo busy. My 8 year old son was sent home from school for jabbing a kid in the face with a pencil on Tuesday, or maybe it was Wednesday. I can't remember, the days blur together. I went to help my grandmother with her yard Sale on Thursday (Was that really only yesterday?) and pulled the kids out of school this morning early to get into costume for the play. Have I told you about my kids?

I have a son, 8 years old, turning 9 in a few months. David. He (I think) has ADHD. I haven't had this yet confirmed medically, the doctors all tell me nothing is wrong with him, and unless there is, they won't see him, and even then, it's 3 months out. I SOOO need a new doctor, but that is a task unto itself to accomplish. David is hyperactive, one moment antagonistic, the next lovey dovey. He bounces off the walls, even when he has had NO Sugar. His biological dad and I are divorced, and his BIO isn't a great role model. My fault. I was 17, and refused to listen to reason. Another story for another day.

My daughter is the complete opposite. She is at the top of her class. She's 6 years old, but has Amazon Warrior Princess blood running through her veins. She looks 8 or 9 years old. Her name is Morgan Skye. I forget she's as young as she is as she speaks to you like she's 15, acts 17, and is as smart as most 40 year olds. She's a handful too, and if what they say about your children being your mothers revenge, I'm putting her in a chastity belt when she turns 10! She scares the living HE** outta me!!! : )

So back to present day. The kids are both in the play I volunteer my services to every year, Ramona, California's Official Outdoor Play, and the Longest running outdoor drama. See for showtimes and Ticket information. David is a Rock Indian, and Morgan is a Rancho Girl. I of course am part of the Principals Makeup Dept. That means I apply the makeup for the Principal Players only, Ramona, Alessandro, Padre, Luigo, Felipe, Marda, Margarita, Elena, Dolores, etc. I have also taken on the task of putting together the Volunteer Goodie Bags. Thats one heck of a hard job in this economy. Businesses just can't afford to donate 500 of something to go into the bags. I'll start sooner next year. Maybe get some Shirts...

So Today was the 4th grade performance. That means that all the local schools sent all of their 4th graders to us to watch the play. 5000 kids filled the stands. They are great. They scream in delight when the cowboys ride by shooting their guns, they groan when Ramona and Alessandro kiss, they laugh uproariously when Marda dumps a bucket of wash water on old Juan Canito's head.

Tomorrow is the official opening Day. We will have Sally Struthers and Jennifer Aspen from "GLEE" to present the play. Exciting. If I don't attend one of the many Cast parties that are thrown from now until Closing day (May 1st) I will write to you about how tomorrow goes. Now I am off to a hot Epsom Salt bath.  My knees feel like they are about to pop off and abandon me for using them too much. Night!

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