Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have accepted a new client. Cerise. I am traveling to Needles, California for this event. She is marrying a wonderful man. Daniel. I drove out last weekend to meet them and assess the location and review their needs. It would seem that although they have wonderful feelings, they have no clear idea of what they want. I have 2 months to put together a beautiful, Elegant wedding on the River with Red Roses. Thats what they want.

Sooo. I started looking for a suitable Venue on the Colorado River. They live close to Lake Havasu City and Laughlin, Bullhead City, and the like, so I drove everywhere. The Casino's in Laughlin, although a fun place to be married at, don't have any meeting rooms suitable for 75 guests to gather overlooking the river. Bullhead City has a Large Community Park with a HUGE covered space that would work, and it is practically ON the river. But it doesn't have much in the way of Elegance. So I went to Lake Havasu City.

Let me start by saying that LHC is a Beautiful place to vacation! I traveled over the London Bridge, had lunch at a very elegant place called Shugrues. I had a table overlooking the river, ordered a Chicken Breast Teriyaki. It had a grilled Pineapple ring, a sweet teriyaki sauce and was laid over a bed of Wild Rice. It was actually delicious. And they Cater.

Then, as I'm staring over the water, at the beautifully preserved London Bridge (which really did span the Thames River prior to coming over here piece by piece in 1964) I see it. I just KNOW this is the way to go for Cerise's Wedding. It's a large, 3 tiered Paddle Boat. It's even Red and White, her wedding colors. If I drape Tulle along the railings, with big red bows at regular intervals and long stemmed red Roses  tucked into the bows, and use soft twinkle lighting in the tulle, It's a perfect option. It's Elegant, on the River, and Fun! 

By setting up seating for the Ceremony on the top level, and doing the Ceremony while still docked at the quaint little English Village under the London Bridge, Guests will be able to choose to stay or leave after the Ceremony, and it's a beautiful place. Then, have the Guests all mingle on the lower decks or visit the shops in the village while the top deck is transformed to Dinner On the River. All the guests can have pre dinner drinks on the lower levels as the boat launches off along the river, and can go up to dinner at a determined time. While the guests are eating, set up can be done unnoticed on the lower levels for dancing after dinner. Now, all that remains is to put this all into motion...


  1. How beautiful! I love how you can just look at something and see so much! I'd love to talk to you about how to book you for my wedding!


  2. This is a nice place, and you seem to know what your doing. I think I'm going to visit this place because of how you described it! Were the pictures taken from where you sat in Shugrues?