Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Adrianna was turning 15. Her mother, Yolanda, started searching for help with planning her Daughters Quincenera. She knew what she wanted, the decor, the food, everything. But she didn't want to do the work of setting it up and running it on the big day. Enter Stage Right: Sylver Weddings.

I set her up with this AWESOME decorator, Roxann, who put up lighting, columns, drapery behind and in front of the main tables, behind the cake table and the gift table. She brought the linens and overlays, in cream and magenta sheer swirls. She set the 16x20 photo of the birthday girl, Adrianna up on an easel for the guest book, and hung crystal drops from a large Manzanita to reflect the tealights in the dusky night.

Hand wrapped "presents" sat in the center of each table, wrapped with a Magenta Ribbon against a flat black paper, and dusted with a glitter spray. Large Stars rotated against the edges of the room, on the walls and ceiling. The Birthday Girls Attendants were excited and waiting to get dancing. The evening was wonderful.

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