Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maya & Jesse

Maya and Jesse have been together for some time. They Finally decided to get married. So they started planning. Maya scoured wedding websites, Magazines, even the dreaded Craigslist looking for reputable vendors she and Jesse could afford.

What did they find? Well, a lot of flakes from Craigslist who couldn't even make the initial meeting. A wonderful Photographer by the name of Deserie Marchbanks of Photo's 2 B Desired. Stacy Everett of Sylver Weddings and Wedgewood Indian Hills Banquet Center. These 3 wonderful Vendors brought everything together. Wedgewood had all encompassing Packages, and provided Invitations, Wonderful Food, Cake, decor, and Waitstaff.


So. How did it all turn out you ask? Well. I've always thought Pictures say a thousand words. Don't you?

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