Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Get Married in 10 Easy Steps

There's been a lot of Buzz in the Wedding Vendor Forums lately about what's the biggest mistakes Couples Make when planning their wedding. This got me thinking. It's Certainly something I know even Couples themselves are worried about. "Will we choose the right DJ?", "What if we don't have enough Money?", "How do we even start?". 

Almost every Vendor who tossed in their two cents mentioned Budget in some way, although most were discussing their part of the budget. As a Wedding Planner, I see all the parts of the budget. And all the ups and downs a couple goes through trying to have the perfect balance of Service to Money Spent. 

Often, the reason behind the wedding becomes Lost in Translation. I've had brides who wanted the sun and moon, but didn't have the budget, or more aptly, didn't KNOW what the budget should be. But thats OK. It's my job as your planner to go over those things with you. All you really need to know is that you love him/her, and How much you can afford all together. The rest of it we'll figure out together. 

And so Here's a little thing I call "How to Get Married in 10 Easy Steps" for those who have just gotten engaged and are asking that All Important Question I mentioned earlier, "How do we start planning our wedding?" When you get to step #5, give me a Call, and the rest will flow smoothly!

1. Boy asks Girl to Marry him 

2. Girl says yes 

3. Boy and Girl tell everyone 

4. Boy and Girl sit down and take a hard look at what they have to spend, talk to parents, family, etc, and decide what they have available as a total figure. 

5. Boy and Girl talk to planner. 

6. Boy and Girl Decide what is important to them to have in their wedding. 

7. Boy and Girl Hire Professional's. 

8. Boy and Girl pay professionals. 

9. Boy and Girl Get Married. 

10. Boy and Girl Live Happily ever After.

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