Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why you Hire your Wedding Officiant

So we were recently contacted via TEXT message regarding availability for an October Date. We have several October Bookings, but this date was amazingly free.

Wait, perhaps I should put in the background information to this story first. If you haven't been to our website, go check it out, www.sylverweddings.com. You might notice something on the first page. Yup, that's a Photograph of ME. CEO, Primary Wedding Planner and Officiant. I DO look like a woman, right? I'm not so homely that you mistake me for a man??? Oh Good. For a minute there I was worried. Now, the name, LIZA. That IS a woman's name, right? Has anyone ever come across a MALE Liza? Are you sure? OK. Again, I was starting to worry that maybe I was missing some vital piece of information.

Stacy Everett
With my Family

Officiating a wedding in Hesperia
 Presenting a Couple with the Keepsake Certificate

You see, just a couple of days ago we got this TEXT. After inquiring about her date, this bride asked us if the officiant was a man. Ummm, the only man who works for this company doesn't get a paycheck. My husband. He gets press-ganged into service. :) And he's no Officiant. He's MUSCLE.

Just because it's Funny

So when I respond, I get a message back saying that it's because her family is super-religious and won't be used to seeing a female priest. I've done Full out Catholic Ceremony Replica's (since it's only a Catholic ceremony in reality if it's done by the family Priest in a Catholic Church, not on the beach or other venue, otherwise, these ceremonies are legal according to the state) and have had NO issue with the VERY Religious parents of the bride and groom. In fact, many of those same parents have referred me to their friends.

So I started wondering. What prompts YOU to hire whomever you hired? I asked this on our Facebook Fan Page, and the highest percentage of answers was that people chose their officiant based more on the options that Officiant included in their packages, like how long they would stay for the ceremony, and how long the ceremony would be... Interesting...

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